New Approach with Old Friends

I am happy so far with the new beginning for The Wish Maker's Companion. The complexity of this novel still intrigues me.

I have also begun meeting every two weeks with author-illustrators. We have a writing prompt to see what we can come up with. I am the odd duck as I seem to think more in novels than picture books, but they are helping me with illustration approaches.

It takes so long to do this creative work, and meanwhile, I see others publishing, winning awards, and advancing, while I still have my face pressed against the window, hoping to gain entry, yet worried what will happen if I ever do (Will it be read? Will it be enjoyed, criticized, even hated? Will I get to do another book if the first one doesn't set the world on fire?)

The Remarkable Monkeys keep me going. 

Entering the Last of the Almost Last: What's Not Working Still

I've been struggling a great deal with The Wish Maker's Companion since at least April, and now it's the beginning of June. Part of the problem the magic--it works against the plot, not for it, and I am on the track of releasing my former strictures on only having but a few magical elements in the story. That limit is too much of a stranglehold and won't let the world breathe.

I have to keep the pain of the real world out. My heart hurts all the time these days. Without joy, there is no Wish Maker, no magic, no children with powers to protect themselves. I cannot let the real world break them. When too much realism creeps into this story, is starts to break me.