What's Afoot

 New sculpture, Sunny and Mavis.

New sculpture, Sunny and Mavis.

Sunny & Mavis

Whew! Enjoyable to make, but my photography skills are rusty and half my equipment acted up. Studio photography is intense troubleshooting. I'll set up a formal studio, invest in a little more equipment, and ask for professional advice and tips to make life easier.

I will add more of these this year. Lots of ideas.  


That Novel Done Yet?

No, sorry, a thousand apologies, no, but I have a lovely plot map now, thanks to Tim Travaglini's help.

This is a sketch of Willa Odder. She's almost twelve years old, not quite a full-fledged Sin Eater, and isn't very good at rounding up naughty ghosts. 

She may, however, destroy a magical wishbone. You just never know.


Lost Horse

I quite like this one. It's loose and colorful, and a bit mysterious.